This beautiful state lies on the south west coast of India. The enchanting perfume of sandal and agarbattis (incense sticks), the aroma of fresh, roasted coffee beans, the heady fragrance of the "Mysore Mallige" and a thousand roses blooming makes Karnataka truly a land of fragrance. And above all it bathes in the glory of rich culture and glorious history.

The State consists different geo physical relief. The western coast is washed by the Arabian Sea which gives way to the mighty mountains of Western Ghats with lush green forests. While the northern parts are arid reaches of the Deccan plateau, lower south are fertile belts of the river Cauvery and tributaries. It's a major producer of coffee, spices and betel nut and supplies 60% of the country's silk.

A multitude of religions, cultures and kingdoms have ruled across the terrain of Karnataka till Independence when the present day Karnataka came into being after the boundaries of Mysore state were redrawn on linguistic grounds in 1956 under the name Greater Mysore. This was renamed Karnataka in 1972.

Karnataka is a state of charming contrasts, with the modern blending harmoniously with the old. It has, also, some of the most magnificent monuments, temples, palaces and beaches in the country. Lately, it has become the nerve centre of Indian IT industry.